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Our investment platform gives you access to investments that have been restricted to private bank and institutional investors.
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We are supported by leaders in finance and technology so that we can provide a secure and trusted platform service.
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What are Structured Products
Made by giants
Stropro enables access to Structured Products - a US $10 Trillion dollar market. We work with leading global investment banks to deliver competitive products.
Invest on your terms
Our range of products combat many of the negative trends in the current market such as low interest rates and dividend cuts. We focus on income generation and reducing volatility.
Defined outcome investing
Structured products provide greater clarity of risk and return.
Add and monitor your existing positions & take advantage of the latest opportunities
Comprehensive and transparent reporting
Add your existing structured product positions into our platform and unlock powerful reporting and monitoring features. Have peace of mind knowing how your investments are performing.
Explore the latest opportunities
Access to structured product investment opportunities from a panel of leading investment banks.
Here's how
structured products
can work for you
Consistent income
Thrive during
volatile times
Regular Income
We provide solutions that pay strong
and consistent coupons regardless
of swings in the market.
Reduce market risk
Remove the need
to time the market
Buffer yourself from volatility
Compared to equity markets, investors
can reduce the chance of capital losses
by utilising downside buffers.
Portfolio allocated to structured products
Average annual return
"Structured products allow you to navigate through that period of uncertainty and give you a peace of mind."
Rob Investor
Portfolio allocated to structured products
Average annual return
"Having the choice and being able to influence the type of outcome that you envisage is and was the key thing for me when choosing structured products."
Sigi Snr Executive
Perserving your capital and enhancing your return is our priority
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